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Hi Sugarplum!

I hope you having a great day today? Here in UK things are just getting hotter and hotter.
Well, a tleast the weather is.  Summer is near and recently  I have been thinking hard about what I want to achieve during Summer and all I could think of is all the things I DON’t want to think of. Sounds Familiar?

To just to name a few;

  • Paper files
  • Sorting out Clothes
  • boring house

I know the first 2 I can work on right NOW, so I don’t have to worry about it in the future.
When  Summer is here I  definitely want to work on my DIY projects that  I had on my mind since FOREVER.
I am taking the step to just follow my heart and go for what I feel like I SHOULD be doing. ( will see how that goes haha)

As  I said about paper files and clothes sorting, I know I can do something about it,
but to tell you the truth t I was so Overwhelmed that I had no Idea where to start and when to do it.
(There is seriously a chaos going on in my house. I am just lucky your not my neighbour haha!)

I am a paper and pen gal! That’s the only way I can think and see the whole picture (clarity).
But still that was just not enough for me.. I needed to create a platform that I can write and
follow and remember what I had to do, to get closer to my goal.

So I took the time to write down  EXACTLY what I wanted to do NOW ,
that made my Summer easier and smoother. This printable has served me well.
Not only was I NOT feeling overwhelmed , my mind was organized.
Which is soo important , otherwise everything would have been all over the place.


Weekly Organizer Free Guide





Here is what I did and steps I used using To get me started ;

I took the time to think and write down on a different piece of paper, what I wanted to achieve.
What needs to be done.. I mean REALLY needs to be done that are Important TODAY not Tomorrow.

These are the Question I asked myself

  • What can I do TODAY to move me forward?
  • What is the biggest task?
  • What are the smallest task?
  • Where do I need help with?

If you noticed I did not ask myself HOW!?
Asking HOW will make you paralyzed.
All you need to do is to be committed and buckle up,roll up your sleeves ,
get to work and ENJOY the outcome!

I also asked myself ;

  • Where do I need help with?

I might be a mum and a wife .. (I know I am  owning A lot of Titles here haha) but that doesn’t mean I have to do all on my own! Nooo, my friend!  Ask help and get them involved! Kids and Hubby !














As You can see in the picture, on Monday I wrote Kitchen cabinets organizing, Bathroom cleaning
and tidying up the  living room.It’s simple but  effective and  extremely eased my mind .
At the end you just feel you  Accomplished something for the day


What you also see is on Friday I wrote Grocery shopping for a week.
I only go to the stores only ONCE and so far it has been GREAT!!
The reason why I only go grocery shopping of Friday is simply because my husband doesn’t work on Fridays.
So I make sure I take advantage of that day and start writing down my Shopping List
and spend my morning on Shopping and other activity’s.

Choose a day to do your weekly Grocery

I Simply love the fact I don’t need to go and run to the store because  I run out of items.


Use this Printable To Organize Your day /week At

So here is what YOU can do and use this printable.

Look around and think hard what you want to accomplish in the next 5 days
that might be small but effective and make a change of world around your household.

Ask Yourself;

  1. What can I do today , to get better sleep tonight
  2. Jot it down !!
  3. If it’s a big task try to chuck it down and Organize it for the next 5 days (If it’s a big task/project , please don’t try to do it all once, Be realistic!!)
  4. What is the most important thing You want To start with? My advice Start with the most difficult one.
  5. What are the 3  most important thing you can do on Monday that will change your whole day?
  6. Do you need to make a payment or file paper work on Tuesdays?
  7. On Wednesday is there a projects you need to help out for your community?
  8. Thursday ; Your kids bedroom that need some organizing?
  9. Friday ; Do your Grocery for the week?

Make it simple and easy for yourself. Don’t make it too complicated.
And hey you know what? It’s okay if you didn’t accomplish them all.

Just Make sure you enjoy your Summer and get free times to do things You need to do. I know I will !

Ready to buckle up and roll up your sleeve? I hope your committed as you are about
to ENJOY your awesome outcome!


Click here for your success happy Weekly Organizer


 What/Where are you going to organize before summer?


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