Once a week, a simple challenge , plenty of time, and live in a CLEAN HOME? Join us!

Introducing 4 Weeks Spring Cleaning Challenge

As we are approaching the spring seasons, I would like to introduce you this spanking new challenge coming in March on Mina and Her Blog. I had so much fun doing the 31 days to an Pretty organized Home, and If you enjoyed it too, than I think you would love this one too! BUT.. this […]

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How do you find the inspiration and motviation to organize your home? These great tips will help you get you inspired and organizing your home in no time.

How To Find Inspiration When You Don’t Feel Like To Organize

There will always come a time where you honestly don’t have the strength to organize. It can be very intimidating to see others homes and think: ‘’ This person is SO organized’’. When scrolling through Pinterest and see those amazing homes that only leave you thinking ‘’ my home would never look like this’’. I […]

Are you truly living intentionally with your life? Are you doing what you love? These tips are so helpful!! such a great reminder too!

How To Live Intentionally and Live The Life You Actually Love

You’re never too late changing your life and live the life you actually love,whether you start mid week – mid month – mid year. As long as you breathe, there is always time to be intentional and live how you want.  To become the person you love and being truly precious with your time. To spend […]

My Monthly Goals- January Update

My Monthly Goals : January Update #1

I love love LOVE writing my goals, and I miss sharing it here on the blog. I feel I am in totally different level this year and hopefully it will stay this way. I was hoping to write my goals earlier this month, but with our laptop down.. it was mission impossible. I remember last […]

Is money going out of your hands easily? Are you ready to take control of your finances and actually SAVE? Break the habit start implementing these brilliant tips.

How To Save £300 Every Month

What would Saving £300 every month mean to you?  Spending money is easy, but saving it does take some effort and discipline that must be practiced in every days life. If money goes spiral and out your hands easily. Break the habit and take control of your finances now. My husband and I decided to get […]

Are those To Do lists scaring you? Learn to master your To Do list and Tick them off Successfully. Anyone can do this!

How To Successfully Tick of Your To Do List

I don’t know about you, but seeing those tasks on my To Do list scares me and paralyzes me. By just looking at them, I feel the overwhelmness and insecurity of ‘How am I ever get things done?’ come over me. I have failed last year, over and over and over again but with lot’s […]

This printable is perfect for planning my meals weekly! Less stress and a whole lot of saving money and time

31 Days To a Pretty Organized Home: Meal Planning (Day 30)

We are about to be at the end of our challenge of 31 Days To a Pretty Organized. Home! I am excited to talk to you about meal planning, as it has helped our family get quality healthy meals every week, and saved our finance.   Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed and stressed by […]

Square Secrets To an Organized Home Mina and Her Blog 31 Days

31 Days To a Pretty Organized Home Secrets To a Organized Home (Day 29)

What are the secrets to an organized Home? That’s the million question that everyone is searching for. How do we keep up and maintain a clutter free home, where we don’t feel guilty for an neglected chore that’s been sitting there for days.   The thruth is.. there isn’t a secret. What I have learned […]

Day 27 Crafts Organization

31 Days To a Pretty Organized Home : Craft Organization(day 27)

I have shared in the past a different side of me, that is crafting. I love love being creative and work with my hands and be hands-on. (I definitely got that from my father). It brings me joy and fulfillment and happiness. Sometimes what stops me from doing any craft related is the organization on […]

Are you flooded with the amount of school papers your child comes home with? Do you need actionable step that shows you what to do and how? Sort the school papers out once for all and get organized!

31 Days To a Pretty organized Home: School paper Organization (day 26)

Are you flooded with the amount of school papers your child comes home with? Do you need actionable step that shows you what to do and how? Sort the school papers out once for all and get organized! I am shocked and amazed at how much our children take home with . The amount of […]

Day 25- 4 Steps To help you Go Paperless

31 Days To a Pretty Organized Home: 4 Steps To Go Paperless (day 25)

We are on day 25 today, and by now your house is pretty well-organized now! Well done! I am proud of you! Today, I wanted to talk to you about going paperless. You might have heard of the concept, and there has been a quite a buzz about it for a while. The point of […]

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