5 Ways To Save an Extra Hour

5 Ways To Save An Extra Hour

Happy Monday! I think it’s starting to get a tradition to start the first day of the week something Motivational and productive! I think Monday deserve that! For the last couple weeks, i struggled with a bit of time management. Almost every mid-afternoon I always found myself saying: ” Ohh There is SO MUCH to…

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It gets a little bit overwhelming when spring season is here, Where do you start and what would make an impact to your family? Where to start Spring cleaning shouldn't be difficult. Easy steps to get you started!!

Where To Start When it Comes To Spring Cleaning Your Home

It get’s a little bit overwhelming when spring season are here and with so many hype/buzz about spring cleaning, I totally get it. When you hear everyone all talk about it, you may tell yourself ” I guess I should really start cleaning my home than, sigh”. But don’t worry friend, you are not alone…

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My Monthly Goals February Where I share everything about goals. Blogging - Personal and Financially

February Goals Update #2

Heey heey! It’s time for goals update again! If this is your first time reading the goal update, welcome! Towards the end of every month I write monthly updates about my goals I have set from the beginning of this new year. This way it keeps me accountable and a fun way to see my own growth….

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How To Create and Setup a Cleaning Caddy by Mina and Her Blog

How To Create a Cleaning Caddy

I can not count how many times I have gone up and down to get a certain cleaning supply I needed when cleaning. Not only am I exhausted of going back and forth, I am loosing time of what I could have use for scrubbing the toilet and if you know me, I am all…

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MOMMY, I'M BORED a basket full of activity

Mommy, I’m bored…

Is something I keep hearing quite a lot lately. I can’t help but think what makes them say these words and feel that way. * shocked* Being surrounded with so many toys and plenty of activity to do, there is just no way they could feel this way. This got me thinking ..like really deep!…

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5 Simple Steps to a Successful Morning ROutine Fb post

5 Simple Steps To A Successful Morning Routine

For quite some time, I have started a ritual every Sunday evening, to set new goals for the week, and one of the goals that always repeat in the list is: Get my Morning routine under my belt.  I don’t know about you but my mornings are chaotic added with so  many disasters, that one of…

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10 Must Places You Probably Forgot To Clean SquareFB

10 Must Places You Probably Forgot To Clean

Welcome to the first part of Spring Cleaning Challenge! Where we will be focusing in spring cleaning our home and make it sparkly.   Today,let’s talk about the places we tend to overlook and completely forget about. I know we  get so busy during the week and only make time for basic cleaning, that we…

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March 2015 Free Printable Monthly Minaandherblog.com

Free March 2015 Calendar Printable To Download

Can you believe we are already in March? I don’t, somebody pinch me! It’s a great time to be productive and be on schedule. I couldn’t help and be generous this year and start offering free monthly printables to download here on Mina and Her Blog blog. So get used too seeing this new tradition…

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1 Little Trick to Keep Your Hall Stay Organized

1 Little Trick To Keep Your Hall Stay Organized

Happy Wednesday Everyone! The week is going faster than ever, or is it just me? I don’t know about you but our hall gets chaotic cluttered depressed really fast! What about yours? It’s frustrated, embarrassing and such an eye sore. It’s a constant battle to keep it clutter free and organized, no matter how many…

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Once a week, a simple challenge , plenty of time, and live in a CLEAN HOME? Join us!

Introducing 4 Weeks Spring Cleaning Challenge

As we are approaching the spring seasons, I would like to introduce you this spanking new challenge coming in March on Mina and Her Blog. I had so much fun doing the 31 days to an Pretty organized Home, and If you enjoyed it too, than I think you would love this one too! BUT.. this…

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How do you find the inspiration and motviation to organize your home? These great tips will help you get you inspired and organizing your home in no time.

How To Find Inspiration When You Don’t Feel Like To Organize

There will always come a time where you honestly don’t have the strength to organize. It can be very intimidating to see others homes and think: ‘’ This person is SO organized’’. When scrolling through Pinterest and see those amazing homes that only leave you thinking ‘’ my home would never look like this’’. I…

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