How to fool guests your home is Organized

What do you when your husband calls you and say: ‘ Hey Hun, Im bringing over some friends, I’ll see you in 20 minutes. Or A family calls you : ‘’Hey Yasmina, We are on our way to pay you a visit, we’re there about 30 minutes. Can’t wait!!! You hang up , your heart […]

DIY Marble Table

That Table That turned into marble

Hey Friends! I have a confession to make. I Almost did not share with you all this project that turned out actually pretty sweet in our main living area. The thing is, I thought it would be silly . But a lil voice told me just do it and take a risk. I don’t know […]


DIY: Blackboard Menu Stand

Happy Friday! Here in Mina’s house everyone loves Friday, because that’s when I always cook everyone’s favourite recipe. Me?! on the other hand..,I ‘m just overwhelmed how the week goes fast. If you happened read my  frame turned tray post, and came on here . Yay I am so happy you joined) If you haven’t , […]

L a t e s t P o s t

DIY Frame turned into a Tray

For months I’ve been drooling over an acrylic tray, but budget is a bit tight and I am trying really hard not to spend on something that isn’t life or death situation.   So that meant I needed to think outside the box and look for an alternative ways to save myself money and happy. […]


8 Decorative Candles You Actually Love To Try

The dark days are near and I am already thinking about stocking up some candles. I’ve seen some pretty candles decor floating around in internet world, and I couldn’t help but share it with you. I’ve never decorate something for candles..maybe when I was a kid but that seems like 1000 years ago. I am […]

Update Hangers, Spray and Decoup to make your hangers looking Glam! at

DIY Updating The Hangers

I’ve had tried so many hangers, and they all came back with one problem. Not enough space! One of my favorite hanger all time is the one you see in luxury expensive stores. You know, the wood ones. I’ve settled with Ikea hangers, they don’t take much space and my clothes don’t fall out. I’m […]

DIY MOD Podge How To make your own. It's so easy, my 1 year old can do it!

DIY Mod Podge

This post is so overdue and finally get’s published today. You can call me cheap chick or anything related with being cheap, but you know what? I will keep my head up high and walk proud! Cause this product that I am going to talk about today is expensive and yes yes oh so GOOD! I […]


4 Things You Can Make This Weekend

                                    Happy Tuesday, Friend! I don’t think I have ever expressed my love for all things Geometric! Especially the once that are triangle. I am sure you have seen them every! Especially Pinterest, Stores, or at someone else […]

Calendar Sept July

New School Year 2014-2015 Calendar Printable

A New School Year,  A new routine right? If your one of those moms who wants to be organized in this new school year, then you’re in for a treat today!! Originally this post was supposed to be Homebinder post, but I was so sad to find out, I haven’t saved them in my Dropbox file. […]

Cleaning Checklist

Free Cleaning Checklist Printable

Now that I have my bathroom organised. I can start thinking about  my routine. You see, for so long I felt like a chicken without a head. Being a busy momma, my memory ain’t what it used to be. It’s just horrible, not knowing when was the last time you cleaned the bath tub or […]

DIY Lamp Makeover  By Mina and Her Blog

Lamp Makeover

Who knew you can stare at a lamp with proud? Especially if you gave it a bit of make over and it turned out pretty cute? I was getting inspired by all those amazing lamp makeover in blogland and I coulndt stop say ‘ooh’ and ‘aahh’. There are some serious handfull diy-ers out there and I […]

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