Having our dry erase calendar has save us sanity and productivy, who wants to miss their important dates? Our new life does not involved with the crazy overwhelmingness

How We Use Dry Erase Calendar For Our Family

As promised, I promised to show you how we use our dry erase calendar and hopefully you  can takeaway something. It’s pretty simple but yet so helpful for our family. BUT, it hasn’t been so easy in the beginning, mainly due to our old habits by not writing anything down and just remembering it by head.(we […]

L a t e s t P o s t
the best gift you can ever give to yourself is to become your own best friend. These 6 tips are so helpful and a great reminder to truly love YOU.

6 Ways To Love Yourself More

Every now and then I find myself surrounded by gray clouds. Sometimes we need a pick me up and a boost to get us back  to our lingo. To feel good about ourself again, to LOVE ourself and be comfortable who we are. One thing I’ve learned from my mother is; if I ever find […]

They say without writing your plan it's only a wish. You are excited and ready to go BIG. But then insecurity and overwhelm creeps in, then what? In the post I talk about few steps you need to take to get out of it, it's very straightforward and simple.

What To Do When Goal Settings Overwhelms You

We always get told that without writing your goal , your goal becomes a wish. So You feel energized , excited and ready to take some action. But for some reason couple days later, these weird feelings of stress, insecurity and overwhelm creeps in. Oh oh, then wat? Why is that happening? It could be […]

If you're anything like me who get easily bored when it comes to cleaning, fear not here are 8 creative ways to love cleaning that works everytime

8 Creative Ways To Love Cleaning

If your anything like me, I get easily bored when it comes to cleaning. I need to get a boost to fall in love with cleaning and it doesn’t come that easily. BUT.. there are creative ways to make you love it and enjoy it. 1.Magazine / Pinterest. It’s kinda funny to include pinterest. But […]

Why Dry Erase Calendar Will Change Your Life

Why Dry Erase Calendar Will Change Your Life

This post contains Affiliate Links I don’t know about you but being a mother and a wife and part of a community, I simply can’t keep up. I get so overwhelmed by our activity and appointments, and as busy moms we tend to forget a lot things, we don’t mean to or want to but […]

Friend Gift Box

Friend Gift Box

Recently I made a personal gift box for my friend that I am planning to give it to her this coming Saturday night! She is an coffee lover, and not just any coffee lover , she has her flavor , MOCHA! Can’t blame her, I love that flavor! I have set up some of her […]

Gift Box Personal Cover

DIY Gift Box : Make a Gift Box a Bit More Personal

  Hey Friends, This week has been pretty busy in Mina’s house. I’ve been meaning to hit that publish button, but for someone reason it didn’t happened. I guess things happen for a reason, some things never goes to plan..patience is the key. Seems everyone else is busy! I love all that talking about thanksgiving and […]

11 Ways to use Ikea Raskog Trolley

11Ways To Use Ikea Raskog Trolley

Happy Monday Friends, I hope you had a lovely busy relaxed weekend as I have. I finally went out into the city with the kids and enjoyed surprisingly the lovely weather we had in UK. I am still hoping for #NOSNOW coming our way, it would be a disaster like it is in Buffalo in US. […]


Hot Chocolate Gift jar

Has the snow kicked in your country/county?  Uk hasn’t . Last year we missed out on snow, and I couldn’t help but be so glad that I haven’t gone through that weather.   My oldest son and I secretly enjoyed our Hot Chocolate drink since October. You can never get tired of that drink. I […]

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